Ryan braun dating anyone

21-Sep-2016 01:31

There’s admittedly no official word about these two, and searches for “Ryan Braun’s Girlfriend” pictures turn up nothing.Lucky for you, we here at Player don’t give up easily.As seen with the .466 OBP, if it wasn't a pitch he could crush, he was likely taking.If he wasn't Bonds-like, he at least had some Brewers fans thinking back to the days when Prince Fielder was teaming up with Ryan Braun as one of the most feared duos in the league.Ryan Braun will probably forever be labeled a cheater after getting caught up in Major League Baseball’s Biogenesis scandal. In addition to his baseball problems, Braun is being sued by former friend Ralph Sasson for defamation.Sasson is alleging a number of things, but the story is essentially that Sasson, a law student, was hired by Braun and his lawyer to dig up the information that eventually led to the overturning of Braun’s initial suspension for a positive PED test in 2011.We saw that a bit this month, when Craig Counsell occasionally gave him some time off to "get off his feet," missing virtually an entire four-game series in San Diego save for a pinch-hit appearance (he also had a bout with strep throat at the start of that series).As any player will attest to, it's hard to hit for power -- or much at all -- if you don't have your legs under you.

But there's no doubt he's been struggling -- not just "coming back down to Earth," but flat-out struggling -- especially in the latter part of the month. For one, any time you take a look at one month out of a six-month season, you're going to get some weird results in those 20-something games.

But come October, I’m sure he’ll have accrued his fair share….