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pm Carolina Mayorga (DC) dance performance “Silent Celebration”pm Ziad Nagy (DC) performancepm Maida Withers Dance Construction Company (DC)- Dancer/Collaborators: Giselle Ruzany and Sammi Roselfeld, Choreography Director: Maida Withers, Post-Modern Dance “Her”pm Carolina Mayorga (DC) dance performance “Silent Celebration”pm Annika Lewis (Copenhagen) performance “Cultural Mummification”pm Ziad Nagy (DC) performancepm Lo Bil (Toronto) performancepm Carolina Mayorga (DC) dance performance “Silent Celebration”pm Ada Hao (DC) untitledpm Megan Chriss (DC) performance pm Michael Horsely (DC) performancepm Bud Wilkinson (DC) improvisational collaborative drawingpm Ziad Nagy (DC) performancepm Bradley Chriss & Chanan Le Ann Delivuk (DC/Baltimore) performancepm Kunj (DC) performanceam André T.

Singleton (NYC) “ain’t nothin open this time of night but legs and hospitals”am Ziad Nagy (DC) performanceam Renee Regan (DC) Power Performanceam Melinda Diachenko (DC) witching hour incantation performanceam Amber Lee (Earth) Endurance Performanceam Eve Henessa (DC) Performanceam Ada Hao (DC) untitledam Rachel Hynes (DC) Sexy Buck Downs (DC) Poetry Readingam Annetta Dexter Sawyeram John Carter (DC) Poetry Readingpm Women of an Uncertain Age: Philippa Hughes and Karen Yankosky (DC) The Sweater Set (DC) So What Do You Do Again?

: The Brunch of Shamepm Annika Lewis (Copenhagen) Sofa Dialog, featuring John Moletress, and Laura Zampm Rachel Hrbek & Robert Weiman (Philadelphia/DC) performance pm Sebastian Rousseau (DC) performancepm Leena Raudvee (Toronto) performance “scar tissue”pm Maida Withers Dance Construction Company (DC)- Dancer/Collaborators: Giselle Ruzany and Sammi Roselfeld, Choreography Director: Maida Withers, Post-Modern Dance “Her”pm Lo Bil (Toronto) interactive performance field “What Does The Archive Say?

”pm Raki Malhotra (Toronto) performancepm Anaze Izquierdo (Lima/NYC) performance “Miss Peru”pm Natalia Panfile (Baltimore) Visiblepm Geraldo Mercado (NY) performance “Bubblegum, bubblegum” pm Natalia Panfile (Baltimore) Visiblepm Cocoon NYC (NYC) performed participatory installation “Inside, the future”pm Natalia Panfile (Baltimore) Visiblepm Holly Bass (DC) Crunk Lessons During the time that DCAC came to be I was living on Willard Street NW, studying teaching at UDC, and waitressing. I remember we were very excited that a new venue was opening devoted to these types of arts and performances. deborahm Real name Deborah Moore Gender Female Join Date 09/05/2016 Status Single About Me: I am Deborah Moore it nice to meet people here Hello dear how are you and your family hope they're all fine i am Deborah Moore.

We on our website provide services for you to meet girls in Dubai, be it for friendship, dating, marriage or anything. So to say these girls that we have on our website come from a certain continent or a certain country would be wrong. You can suit yourself according to your requirements.

For many people Dubai is place where you can go have fun, party, rock and roll, basically take time off your busy schedules and take some time out off your busy schedules and take life slow. Each has their own reason that attracts them to Dubai.

Colombian-born and naturalized American citizen, Carolina Mayorga has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for the last 15 years.

Her work is part of private and public collections and has been reviewed in publications in South America, Europe and the US.

Comments on migration, war, identity, translate into video, performance, site-specific installations, and Two-dimensional media in the form of photography and drawing.

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